Inside, you are sweet beyond telling.
There is a sun in everyone.
I become a mirror that cannot close it's eyes to your longing.


Inside, you are sweet beyond telling.
There is a sun in everyone.
I become a mirror that cannot close it's eyes
to your longing.


Majestic, powerful, free,  evocative, mesmerizing, calming, sensuous, wild, instinctual, untamed, strong, protective, sensitive, grounded, present, connected, mystical –


IMAGINE,  allowing yourself an opportunity to be deeply connected to your primal nature –  to that sense of ultimate FREEDOM, limitless POWER and natural WISDOM rooted in the wild places of this earth.

It’s a feeling that once you experience it, you can’t go back.

It’s like being home.

The journey back to yourself.

It’s where you belong.

Safe and whole.

Horses can get you there.


Horses are highly sensitive and social animals that interact via non verbal communication and thus can sense emotions and underlying motives in people based on body language. Because they are keenly aware of all that happens in their environment in order to survive, they by nature create relationships based on trust and security.

Through trust building activities with horses, people get immediate feedback about how their energy and intentions affect the horse. When an individual learns to apply newly learned skills to create a more positive experience with the horse, the connection deepens and trust is built.

This ability to trust oneself and others can then be applied in day to day interactions with others to improve relationships.

Because horses live in the moment, ever vigilant about their environment, they respond honestly and directly to the energy that is present between the participants in the session. A horse will either approach or retreat based on whether he feels unsure and confused or safe and trusting.

The experiential hands on nature of being in the arena one on one with the horses mimics real life scenarios. Participants get the opportunity to address core issues of acceptance, self worth and behavior patterns that are key to success in their personal and professional lives.

The horses’ reactions create a sacred space where an individual can reflect on how body language and communication styles affect all interactions. Role playing and working with horses leads to deeper sense of connectedness, healthy relationships, an ability to trust your intuition and personal empowerment.

The majesty and power of horses compels us to live in the moment, cherish each day and discover our own truth, passion and life’s purpose to live authentically in the world.


Equine Guided Learning (EGL) promotes personal exploration and insight concerning performance, goal setting and life balance. Working with horses helps skills building, increased awareness of the impact that attitudes, beliefs and behavior have on everyday interactions.

During sessions, discovery of latent talents and creative problem solving will help with achieving success in personal and professional relationships, work and academic performance.

People typically report they have improved self confidence, motivation, more effective communication, cohesion among team members, greater productivity and balance in daily life.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy  (EFP) takes the therapy out of the office and into the arena. Being in the presence of horses provides an experiential body centered approach to working through mental health challenges. These deep seated issues or behavioral patterns often cause disruptions in daily functioning or interfere with healthy relationships.

Through interactive activities with horses, clients are given the opportunity to uncover and address underlying fears, anxieties and unhealthy thought processes. The experience is non threatening in that the horses simply react to the energy present without coercion, and thus, the client is free to move at the pace that is comfortable for him or her.

Some sessions have little or no talking as the focus is on non-verbal communication and internal processes. Other times the client may feel inclined to share what’s going on to express thoughts that arise, gain clarity or look for guidance.

Our Philosophy

- We create a sacred space

To pave a pathway to healing, it’s important to have a safe place for you to explore the deep recesses of your inner world. When you feel safe and welcomed, you can relax and learn to open up to allow the mystery of your journey to unfold. Hanging out in nature with the horses is one step towards getting you there.

- We celebrate you

Every child is born worthy. They don’t have to earn it. Just for being you we honor and embrace your story. If life hasn’t been kind to you thus far, know that you have the power and the right to change that story. Who you are is significant. You do matter.

- We lift you up

We know the struggle is real. Life today is stressful and challenging. But you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out your hand for guidance, reassurance and comfort. With positive vibes, we’ll keep the spark alive while you journey towards a brighter future

- We expect greatness

Everyone has that one special essence that they bring to this world. We help you discover your uniqueness and let that essence shine. You should expect no less from yourself!


- We care deeply

As a fellow kindred spirit we feel what happens to one effects us all profoundly. Our wish is for you to release your burdens, experience joy and soar to great heights. Because when one person succeeds, we all succeed.


- We are here for you

No matter what has gotten you to this present moment, we embrace you. We keep the faith alive while you journey to shed light on the darkness and reconnect with what’s alive in you. We believe in you!

Join the Herd!

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