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You've read the books, listened to advice, spent endless hours exchanging tips with friends, perhaps even take a course or two, but you're still bewildered, frustrated and even angry at times at why parenting your little ones is such a struggle.

Being a successful parent takes patience, practice and alot of persistence.

We get that.

But what if it actually could be easier, with a renewed mindset, tangible tools and a fresh approach?

Why not try something different?

A hands on, fun and enlightening way to put the book knowledge into action.

If you are you looking for real solutions to parenting - We can help!

Equine interactive learning offers an engaging and innovative teaching environment which allows parents a chance to explore and discover creative and effective solutions to challenging child rearing issues.

It's your turn to play and learn!


  • ROLE PLAY  with horses and practice new skills without jeopardizing your parental authority
  • EXPLORE parental expectations and beliefs.
  • LEARN new strategies for effective communication and follow through on limit setting.
  • PROMOTE empathy and nurturing styles to gain mutual respect, trust and cooperation.
  • RAISE  tolerance and deepen your relationship with your child.
  • BUILD self confidence in handling stressful situations and remain aware and calm through the stormy times.
  • PRACTICE self care and replenish your reserves to avoid frustration and reactive mindset.
  • CONNECT  with like minded parents and share ideas and feel supported.

Course is total of 12 hours  offered in 2 formats:

– 6 weekly 2 hour evening sessions


– 2 consecutive weekends  Sat/Sun 4 hours 10-2pm

Horse experience is not required. No riding. All activities are one the ground.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact us so we many put you on our waiting list for the next session. Class sizes are between 3-4 couples (no kids). If you are a single parent we are able to create a group of 8-10 people. Please indicate this when you get in touch for further information.