If we want our children
to move mountains,
we first have
to let them
get out of
their chairs.

– Nicolette Sowder


-We are not having week long camps this summer.-
But for the months of August and September we are offering Riding lessons for beginner and advanced beginners for ages 7+

4 Weekly Session Packages (SAVE $60)
Private one-on-one: $240
Semi-Private sibling or friend: $200


Private :15 minutes horsemanship & 30 minutes riding: $75
Semi-private: 20 minutes horsemanship & 4o minutes riding: $65
Afternoons Mon-Sat 4-7

**Lessons include safe handling, grooming and care, barn routines, saddling, groundwork and riding with a balanced seat.**

In a fun, supportive and relaxing environment your child will learn about horse psychology and experience the joy of connecting with the horses. We focus on the importance of safety, building trust, practice setting healthy boundaries while becoming a more confident, empowered rider.

Questions? We would be happy to talk to you,Please call:


We have designed these programs so that each child will be set up for success whether they have horse experience or not. Our desire is to promote kid’s well-being, natural tendency to explore and take risks, be spontaneous, imaginative and get creative. The activities, while structured, do allow for a camper to exercise personal choice while gaining valuable lessons in accountability, autonomy and authenticity. We strive to help each child feel secure through explanations, peer support and plenty of safe opportunities for experiencing connections with the herd and other camp members.

Our focus is not on how perfect someone can ride, but rather how learning about oneself and interacting in a group can enrich one’s sense of self, autonomy, confidence, joy and feelings of belonging.

Of course the focus will be on interacting with the horses in the herd but allowing the space for each child to feel seen and heard, having a sense of self worth, purpose and that each one matters is the main goal.

How we are handling safety measures during Covid 19

  • All activities will be outside or in the open barn allowing greater safety for each participant.
  • Limit to 8 kids per camp session.
  • We will practice social distancing wherever possible however kids will be kids and sometimes they forget so we will encourage them to be mindful of their proximity to others.
  • Proper sanitation before and after using of equipment and supplies will be implemented.
  • Prescreening for any signs of sickness will be asked before camps begin.
  • Masks will not be required unless entering a building (to use the bathroom)as horses do respond better to people’s facial expressions.

Benefits of attending camp

  • Understanding horse behavior
  • Basic horsemanship: grooming, groundwork, healthy boundaries, horse care
  • Gain confidence once mounted: riding on leadline and independent if appropriate
  • Mind/Body awareness: opening the way for horse/human bond
  • Improve social skills
  • Managing fluctuating energy/moods
  • Out of the box problem solving
  • Flexible mindset, learning to go with the flow
  • Practicing mindfulness and relaxation for self regulation
  • Leadership development :what makes a good leader
  • Teamwork: working for the common good and attitude of sharing
  • Learning responsibility and ownership of cause/effect actions
  • Greater sense of connection and importance of considering the needs of others
  • Win-win attitude and self satisfaction in support of peers
  • Creative expression to allow discovery of latent talents
  • Increased self esteem
  • Developing resilience
  • Letting go of judgment and taking chances
  • Feeling empowered and having fun!

Gallery of Past Summer Camps

Herds of Wisdom

Day 1 camp schedule.

9:00-9:30       Welcome circle, intros, rules/guidelines for camp.

                        Setting intentions for the week.

                        Answering questions about expectations.

                        Getting to know you game to encourage group connection

9:30-10.00     Meet and greet horses

                        Go over safety issues

                        Impressions of herd (initial reactions vs assumptions)

                        Addressing Fears/concerns

10-10:30        Basic horsemanship topics:

                        Horse psychology

                        Intro to herd behavior: Relationships, Trust, Communication, Safety

10:30–11:00 Learn how to lead/follow horse one on one and as group.

                        Focus on awareness of body in relation to horse.

                        Create connection with individual horse.

11:00–11:20 Lunch Break

11:25–12:05  Art Activity – Collage – Vision Board

12:10- 12:40  Horse game: Catch/Halter/lead/groom

                       Life’s little obstacles – work as a team.

                       (Roles, responsibilities, motivations, goals)

                        Focus on non verbal cues

12:45-1:45    Introduction to Riding

1:45– 2.00   Closing Circle

                        Share likes/ concerns

                        Learning take away

                        How to apply learning in daily life

                        Set intentions for next day

                        Noticing positives among group members

                        Say goodbuy to the herd

Wear appropriate clothes for the weather.

Kids will get dirty so keep that in mind.

Closed toe shoes, no sandals.

Hats, sunscreen, masks if needed.

Lunch and drinks

Cold Water will be provided.

Helmets will be provided.

Still not sure?
Want more information to help you decide if this is the right fit for your child?
Feel free to follow the link below to learn more in depth about the program goals
and view additional images of prior camps. 

Do you want your child to experience the joy and connection that being in the presence of horses can give?
Would you like for your child to gain confidence, practice healthy boundaries, learn mutual respect, be resilient and feel empowered while playing with the herd?

Then this camp is what you are looking for.

Come, Join the Herd!

     2021 Janine Asante and Herds of Wisdom