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Summertime fun at the barn!

Youth Enrichment Camps

Interactive games and activities with horses and co-participants will provide opportunities for greater self awareness, developing social skills, and instilling feelings of personal success and self acceptance.

Benefits of Attending

Improve Social Skills

Learn to be flexible, adaptable and more accepting of others.

Build Confidence

"Can do" attitude results from personal achievements and desire to participate with a positive mindset.


Be a better team player and ability to cooperate with win/win attitude. Understanding how cooperation can lead to the common good of the collective.


Explore traits of a strong leader who is focused, optimistic and courageous with the ability to give and receive clear direction.


Learn the value of openness and honesty. Be effective in clearly expressing oneself both verbally and non verbally.

Fosters Imagination

Think creatively with original thought, less inclined to be swayed into negative behaviors in order to fit in.

Problem Solving

Less polarized, black and white or "all or nothing" beliefs. Thinking outside the box, safeguarding against being brainwashed by popular expectations.

Creative Expression

Exploration through art and movement as a way to discover latent talents. Feeling liberated to express oneself uniquely and authentically and to stand out with ingenuity.

Sensory Integration

Mind/body awareness, learn to enjoy varying physical sensations through improved balance, rhythm and motor skills. Feeling more comfortable in one's own skin.


Increased sense of belonging, desire to be part of the whole and interact with mutual respect and know the value of true friendship and sharing.

Become Resilient

Being able to feel like the challenges that they encounter are ones they can manage to overcome with confidence, creativity, courage and competence.

Gain Mastery

A real sense that they have what it takes to excell at something, Discover their strengths and the unique gift that they offer to the world. A feeling that they can succeed no matter the circumstance and Dream Big.

Cowgirls n' Buckaroos

Ages 5-12 Co-Ed



Peace, Love n' Horses

Ages 11-14 Girls


Wild at Heart

Ages 14-17 Teen Girls

dates to be added with enough interest

"The Best Experience Ever"

Help your child live up to his or her full potential. Playing and spending time with horses will set them on a path of self discovery towards a bright future.