Most frequently asked questions

It is not required to have prior horse experience and many people who attend the sessions have never been around horses. The majority of the interactions with the horses are on the ground, so former riding experience is not necessary.   When appropriate, some of the time may include basic riding, however, this is determined by the type of program designed for the individual or group and dependent on the objective of the client and is completely voluntary.

The majority of our clientele are brand new to horses and we work closely to ensure each is given the time and space to acclimate to the nature of these magnificent beings. Our experienced trainers will be with you to guide you at all times as you gain confidence with the horses. Everyone can move at their own pace which is uniquely suited to them. In time you may find that the horses are not so scary!

The planned activities are not designed to be strenuous or requiring great athletic ability; however, we do encourage individuals to pace themselves and if necessary to take breaks or allow others to fill in with tasks best suited to them.

Please speak to us about your concerns and individual needs to determine the suitability of the fit for your situation. Wherever possible we will do our best to make personalized arrangements to affect your success in the program. We find that many people discover  the experiential component a welcome relief from a sedentary day at the office or a typical classroom setting.

The majority of client sessions are all on the ground. Learning to be around and understand horse psychology is imperative to be able to progress in your connection with the horses. We devote time for you to build this connection and trust. Once mutual respect is established and one feels comfortable then we can determine the next steps towards incorporating a riding component, based on the needs and goals of the participants.