Forget not -

that the earth delights to feel your barefeet
and the winds long to play with your hair.

– Kahlil Gilbran


Partnering with horses to create a world where all kindred spirits are free from suffering, feel deeply connected and are empowered to live joy-filled lives full of passion and meaning.

Our experiential  programs offer individuals and groups real solutions to overcome challenges and hardships that often hinder them from realizing their dreams and goals.

Whether you are looking for healing, searching for meaning, or seeking balance, inspiration or insight, the horses can help you unlock the key  to achieving your heart’s desires and living a truly authentic life!


We build


Humans, like horses, need a social milieu that is welcoming and supportive and ultimately a safe place to feel like one belongs and is accepted in order to thrive in any capacity. We learn the value of relying on the support of others on whose shoulders we can stand on to help us achieve even greater heights.

We promote


We all know that life throws curveballs, and overcoming challenges to accomplish one’s goals is key, but remembering to hold onto the bright side and focus on  the inherent good in the world will bring you much greater results.

We create


Interacting with horses  highlights our issues around safety, trust, respect and connection. In our vulnerability lies the greatest opportunity to overcome these notions that challenge our strength and worthiness. We gain insights, learn to trust our intuition, and use our creativity for real solutions. We move forward energized with a powerful sense that we have what it takes to go for what we want.

We support &


No one person can be all things to all people, just as no horse can survive on their own without the herd. We all can benefit from other’s having our backs and help lift us up in times of need and to encourage us to keep going when we might want to cave to pressures. Feeling supported is key to lasting success in any endeavor.

We nurture


How can horses help people be creative you ask? simply by being in their presence, much is gained in being able to remain present, mindful and open to what comes next. Horses don’t dwell on the past, when participants learn to let go of “their baggage” and expectations, this frees up room for the creative juices to flow.

We empower


The horses by their very nature will model what a true, powerful and trustworthy leader is to the rest of the herd. Participants will come away with the tools needed to be strong, trustworthy and dedicated leaders that others can believe in. It’s time to step up and be passionate about taking action to make your dreams a reality.

We instill


An all too common occurrence is  that many people have self doubt and seek a sense of feeling secure in the knowing that they have what it takes to succeed. Practicing our CAN DO skill set with horses will boost overall confidence tremendously.

We are a catalyst for


Interacting with horses compels us to remain mindful, clear and honest. We connect to our deeper truth and inner wisdom unleashing the intention to go after what we really want in our lives. When minds shift and become open to new ideas, change is inevitable in order to live fully and realize our heart’s desires.

We inspire


Spending time with horses will free up blocked energy and allow new ideas to come to fruition when one is clear and focused on the goal in sight. The world needs new insights and technologies now to combat such issues as climate change, renewable energy, sustainable economies and social justice and ensure a humane and livable planet.

We ignite


We help clients to discover and celebrate their unique abilities and talents that can bring enrichment to the world around them. Horses help us identify and overcome our fear of judgment around our self expression so that it no longer matters what other people think, but rather that our actions can bring about the fruition of our dreams.

We strengthen


Guiding people to live by values of integrity, compassion, social justice, inclusivity and mutual respect is what our aim is here. Strong communities arise from these virtuous citizens. Observing and interacting with a herd of horses models how strong communities sustain themselves in a win-win atmosphere for all members.

We offer hope &


Horses heal hurts. It’s really remarkable when we allow  our hearts to feel the connection with horses, we open up the pathway to our healing journeys. It also feels incredibly satisfying and enlightening when in the presence of horses, we learn to remember to breath, let go of the past and remain present to the wonder around us.

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING ELSE and still haven’t found the RESULTS you are looking for, we invite you to come work with us. You will be AMAZED at how the horses can guide you  in your journey to a life of BALANCE, FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE!

” It was the horses that took me to another world… Funny how just two short hours can free up so much pain… so much hopelessness and misery from a little girl who just wanted to find love in this crazy world. I feel five pounds lighter! Thank you.” – Bev. A, Paso Robles, Ca.

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